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The promotional short film of El Festival 2015, was commissioned to Cinema Fantasma, who developed a piece in stop motion taking up the constellation's theme of El Festival.

Screenings: Wednesday, 13:00 hrs | Inauguration Ceremony Thursday, 13:00 hrs | Cine Morelos Friday, 12:30 hrs | Cine Morelos Saturday, 11:30 hrs | Cine Morelos Saturday, 22:00 hrs | Award Ceremony

Credits: Directed by: Roy Ambriz & Arturo “Vonno” Ambriz

Produced by: Paco J. Espinal

Executive producion: Adriana Rendón & Roy Ambriz.

With the colaboration of: Macarena Torres, Carlos “Homero” Seguí, Adriana Rendón, Ricardo Vargas “Calakaman”, Mariana Lemus, Irene Melis, Fernando Rendón, Gabriel Acuña, Marco Díaz.

Music by: Altermutz: Alberto “Alving” Herrera, Carlos “Homero” Seguí y Gabriel “Garffiel” Morales.

Sound design: SAE Intstitute, with the talent of René Cureño, Sócrates Ayala y Alfonso Salinas.