KleptoCats: From game to brand


KleptoCats: From game to brand

Creating community and fostering an IP

Speaker: Antonio ‘Fayer’ Uribe

A successful property unfolds into countless products that help capitalize on an animation or videogame studio.

During the class, the way in which this process can be carried out successfully will be explained, taking as a case study and analysis the story of KleptoCats, which began as a videogame and evolved into a brand that already has several games, animated shorts, stuffed animals , books, toys, collectible stickers, and more.


  • Date and Time: Saturday 7, 10:00 a.m.
  • Where: Las Mañanitas | Main Forum
  • Access: Fair, Forum or Market Passport
  • Note: This talk will be in Spanish, but there will be simultaneous translation into English.